Ivonne Balmer - Marketing Manager


Prior to joining Steadfast Capital, Ivonne spent four years as an officer and manager of a start-up sports company where she was responsible for marketing and sales. Before this, she worked for 10 years in the banking industry, three years of which as Investment Manager at the Baden-Württembergische Bank AG in Mannheim.

Ivonne earned her university entrance diploma from the Ludwig-Frank Gynmasium in Mannheim and later received her associate degree in business administration from the Max-Hachenburg school in Mannheim and certification as bank clerk from Volksbank Seckenheim eG.

Role at Steadfast Capital

Ivonne joined Steadfast Capital in August 2005 and supports the management in the areas of marketing communications, compliance, investor relations and fundraising.



Email: balmer@steadfastcapital.de
Phone: +49 69 50685 130